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If you have one of our androids boxes running Kodi 16.1 or less then you may have noticed that some of the major add-ons have stopped working, this is due to service providers closing down the main sites that have been providing these streams for you. This is because of the recent court cases that have clarified the laws surrounding the use of many of the main add-ons, basically, it's illegal. What does this mean for your viewing? it means that the main add-ons like Exodus and UK Turks and Phoenix will disappear for now. Will they come back? Most probably. Here is my prediction and what you can do about it. The new kodi 17 is a very different set up for the earlier versions, most of the old add-ons won't work with it. Kodi has made these changes to shake the image that they support Copyright infringement and also to improve the Kodi program itself. The main add-on providers will disappear for a short while and make enough changes for their add-on to work on the new kodi and they may rename themselves and pop up on a repo ready to work with Kodi 17. What should you do until then? If you can live with what you have on Kodi 16 then carry on with that but it will eventually all stop. Better to delete kodi and download the new version, then go to Youtube and find a video that shows you how to put a wizard onto your Kodi and download a new build, at the moment most of these builds will be US setups and most won't work total but you will get enough to watch movies and box sets. Alternatively, you can send your box back to us to try and do this for you, you won't get guarantees or extended warranties but it may give you some extra viewing time.