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With new models arriving all the time we have decided to sell some of our more overlooked boxes for silly prices just to make room on our shelves, We are now selling Z4's for £45. These super fast boxes have 16GB Rom and are brilliant for people who have a set up quite far away from their routers. Want a box for the bedroom? You cant get much better than these. Also the bomb proof MXV for £35 running Kodi 16 with the new wizard. Why not buy one for your granny just so she can watch every episode of  "Last of the summer wine" or "open all hours" on UK Turks or get her into "Game of Thrones" or "Breaking bad" then you wont mind visiting her. Every box set you can think of is available and for just £35. Think of the money that you save on DVD's

We have a slight problem with the printing on the cardboard boxes of out Hyperstreams, they say 8GB rom on the top but should say 16GB. Just to let everyone know the Hyper stream boxes that we sell are made especially for droid smart, they cant be bought from other suppliers and they have a unique firmware setup and they are ALL 16GB rom, Unfortunately when we commissioned the build our manufactures printed 5 thousand boxes with 8GB Rom on the front cover, the problem is that our Hyperstream boxes all have 16GB Rom now and have done for months, only the first 600 were 8GB and they went in the first month . Obviously its very easy to check the size of the Rom from your box (just go into storage in settings and it will show you) but the quickest way to check is to look at the serial number underneath, it will say 16GB on it. We only have a few hundred left and the cardboard boxes can be printed correctly next time, thanks for understanding. 

We have been trying to make the cleanest Droid Smart Build for some time now but its not an easy task, you want the build to have everything but you dont want it to be too big that it slows your box down. After using the help of an American expert we have cracked it, We now have a Wizard that can be used within Kodi 16 and it loads the Droid Smart Build, Please view our video and download it for your self.

We asked the manufactures to improve the Rom and they did it in less than a month, now with Double the Ram and Rom of the MX3-G Ultra Max boxes they just keep getting more powerful. Perfect for streaming.