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We are really trying to help our customers find answers without calling our help line, with over 200 new customers every week we have so many ringing asking for information that is already in the instruction booklet, we have had to start closing the lines in busy periods or we would get nothing done at all. We are now trying to replace the phone support with a trouble shooting question search bar thats now up and running on our trouble shooting page,  Its still in its infancy but with every question that gets answered it will grow and it also enables people to arrange call backs for us. Members of the public can also improve on any answers we give so we would be grateful of any help. Remember the less time we spend on the phones the more time we can devote to updates and keeping your boxes running with the best add-ons.

Although when you test these boxes face to face you can barely see any difference when we ran the benchmark test the Hyper stream wiped the floor with the Z4 on points, what does this mean when using your box to watch movies? the answer is nothing, both boxes can run 4K and both boxes do everything the other one can. The Z4 has a larger rom for more apps and the Hyper stream can flick through pages slightly quicker but that is it. My verdict is they are both GREAT!, I run all my boxes in different rooms of my house and I love them all from the bomb proof MXV in the bedroom to the Z4 in the loft (because of the external Ariel) the Hyper Stream has pride of place in the front room and the back room now has the new 2GB T95 metal box (this will be on sale soon) My advise is buy one of each and you wont be sorry. 

After testing the new Hyper Stream Boxes over the weekend we can state that they are really really good. The extra ram really makes the difference and the Kodi set up is second to none, We will continue to offer a range of models you our customers but we are definitely going to advise people towards the next generation boxes, If your the kind of person that likes the best then look no further.

Thanks for all your entries, you can enter as many times as you like to improve your odds, they are charged at normal text rate, so please keep them coming. The winner of the last prize was Joyce Maxwell, well done and hope you enjoy it. The next competition will end on Monday 21st